Salesforce Platform Developer

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Master Salesforce development using Apex programming and Visualforce in our unique demo environment. Set yourself up for success in a booming industry and ace the Salesforce Developer 1 Certification. 


The cutting-edge skills you’ll learn are rigorously assessed and recognised by both a leading university and key employers in the field of study through a digital credential.


  • Identify the value and critical success factors of Salesforce in various organisations 
  • Synthesise elements of successful project management and articulate a brief for Salesforce use cases that will deliver business value 
  • Apply Salesforce platform knowledge, skills, and techniques to a Salesforce environment 
  • Articulate effective Salesforce developer outcomes to a broad range of business stakeholders and contexts 
  • Critically examine the components of successful platform development in alignment with sustainable business objectives  

How does it work ?

Roll up your sleeves in our exclusive demo environment and apply your learnings in two projects: 


  • Prepare a development brief for a platform use case, identifying business goals and critical success factors 
  • Develop a conference management application and automated workshop management system 

When can I do it ?

    Apologies, there are no available sessions to enrol into right now.