Ngarara Willim tutoring program

The Ngarara Willim Tutoring Program is a specialised tutorial program funded by the Commonwealth Government to improve the education of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  At RMIT, the Ngarara Willim Tutoring Program is managed by the Ngarara Willim.

The Ngarara Willim Tutoring Program may appeal if you are doing well in your programs and would like to keep ahead, or if you feel you need additional tutoring. If you are in your first year of tertiary study, you are especially encouraged to use the program, although it is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at any level.

Ngarara Willim Tutoring offers free tutoring in enrolled courses.

You can apply for:

  • two hours per course (subject) per week (maximum) of tutoring
  • an additional five hours of tutoring for exam preparation.

Tutoring sessions are tailored to your needs and can be individual or in a group of students studying the same program. If you have any questions please contact the Coordinator, Indigenous Student Support at the Ngarara Willim.

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